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“A multilayered protagonist and stellar setting help guide this sci-fi narrative to an unforgettable coda.”

Kirkus Reviews


Amanojaku (天邪鬼), noun, a demon-like creature in Japanese folklore, able to provoke a person into perpetrating evil deeds.

Andre Cross keeps his volatile temper on a sturdy leash—an implant auto-medicating him to subdue his violent impulses.

Dreaming of leaving his dark past behind, he slaves away on Brulle’s perilous vertical farms, and peddles the drug Neura, to fund his escape to a distant ocean city called Anchora.

But when he meets the beautiful, self-aware android Mo Da, he discovers the implant not only sedates his aggression, it also subdues his ability to love. Andre's desires unravel his carefully controlled plans, delivering him to a place where even his implant may not contain his rising emotions... or the madness of Amanojaku determined to consume him.

“I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys gritty sci-fi
and has fond memories of Blade Runner.” -
San Francisco Book Review

“...grabbed me and would not let me put it down...My audible response at the end was, "Oh WOW!...”
Amazon review

"This strong, adventurous tale with appealing characters will make readers ponder the consequences of technology."
Judge, 4th Annual Self-Published e-Book Awards

Artwork: Damien Lutz and Jonny Gray