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Click & Collect


The problem and challenge

Business challenge:
– Designing an omni-channel experience for Vodafone’s Click & Collect
– Design an MVP solution for selected stores only that worked without real-time store data to test customer desirability

Customer problem: While Vodafone offered Deliver to store, they couldn’t offer order and collect same-day to customers needing urgent and/or safe collection.


Understanding the current state

In-store surveys, contextual observations, interviews

I started by looking at previous research and talking to Customer Care, who advised after-sales confusion was the highest category for complaints.

I then headed into store, interviewing staff handling ‘Deliver to store’ collections and observing the collections.

Key Insights:
– Understanding what staff needed to confirm customer identity (to ensure information on website and emails was correct)
– How the post-purchase emails were not clear about what customers should bring in (confirming what had Customer Care said)
– Customer needs for Click & Collect
– Terminology insight

Determining terminology

In-store surveys, data analysis, market analysis

As Click & Collect was a new concept at this time, there were a lot of different opinions in the business about what the offering should be called, so I ran a small investigation to get data and evidence to determine the terminology.

I also spoke to several customers using a survey app on my mobile to understand why they would need or want Click & Collect, and to get insight on there expectation of pick-up time in store.

Key Insights: Customers’ two key needs for C&C were ‘Urgency’ (to obtain the latest model fastest or to urgently replace a broken or lost phone) and ‘Security’ (Low trust in security of delivery method or address)

Mapping a customer journey

Journey mapping

While we had the ‘Deliver to store’ journey mapped, I really wanted to experience a Click & Collect journey, so I chose Click & Collect for one of my own personal purchases. I bought a bike from Kmart and mapped my experience over days and across channels.

The experience fell apart after the online purchase, with the email not being clear about next steps, lack of alignment between what was online and what care said on the phone.

Kmart click and collect journey map

Key insights: I was reminded of the importance of communicating the next steps not only for the happy scenarios but also for the unhappy scenarios, such as the need to change an order, etc.

The personal experience also gave me great empathy for the user and made me more determined to ensure a clear and consistent experience.

UX Pattern research

Desktop research

I also researched existing C&C models online.

Key insights: Click & Collect was not always offered as same-day, and patterns usually offered ‘search for a store location’ first
and were then told the delivery time-frame (i.e. don’t make users choose a time-frame first).

Click and collect pattern research


Design principles

I synthesized the discovery research into needs and design principles to guide the UX and Development.

Aligning stakeholders

To address the potential lack of consistency across channels, I created a ‘lite’ service blueprint to ensure we were all aligned on customer and staff expectations for the C&C MVP.

I also played back the blueprint, design principles, and research findings to all stakeholders to give them an opportunity to give feedback.

Click and collect light service map


UX/UI Design

The C&C journey needed to be embedded in the existing checkout and post-purchase communication, it was quicker to edit an existing hi-fi prototype than create wireframes that would accurately test the complexity of the checkout experience.

I used the design principles as a guide to ensure the customer and staff needs and pain points were properly addressed at every stage.

Development support

Pre-launch journey testing

To test the experience and ensure customer and staff needs were met, I participated in an end-to-end test of our CLick & Collect experience prioir to launch.

Click and collect post-launch assessment


My customer-led research approach (journey mapping, in-store surveys), combined with agile stakeholder engagement and real-world, end-to-end customer journey testing contributed to a successful launch that was then expanded into a proper strategic solution. across all stores and states.

Click and collect post-launch results

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