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Australian Export License Application


The problem and challenge

Customer problem: Modernise a very manual and slow system to help departmental staff process license applications more efficiently

Business challenge: Modernise an existing system reliant on many ingrained systems and behaviours (with only a very restricted access to users for the research)


Understanding the current state

Desktop research, contextual observations, interviews, process mapping

Working closely with the Service Designer, I started by looking at previous research and then mapping the actors in the two commodities that required licensing (Meat and LAE).

We interviewed the licensing staff to map their journeys from a service perspective and to understand their needs and pains. We then tidied this up into a ‘lite’ service map showing user journeys, systems, and pain points, which we then and played back to the staff for validation.

Image is deliberately blurred for privacy

We also ran ‘envisioning exercises’ with the staff to capture their ideas for innovating the service.

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All the insight was mapped into user needs and team profiles.

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The insights were synthesized and first played back to the actors for validation.

The profiles were merged together, and combined with improvements and insights from the envisioning exercises, to create an ‘Aspirational Team Profile’.

The ‘Aspirational Team Profile’ was then to be communicated through individual slides that spoke to each recommendation of the ‘Aspirational Team Profile’

This then contributed to a Design Brief for the UX phase to guide feasibility, viability, and priority discussions.

The brief consisted of a summary of the key actors, profiles for each licensing team, and high-level steps for their key processes.


Unfortunately, this project was put on indefinite hold at the Design Brief stage, but the work and insight were handed over to the relevant teams for future follow through.

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