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The Lenz

Personalised reality 24/7

Scenery filters and avatars

Complete immersion

With new Alt-R technology

Discover your Mirage

Your super-personalised filter…

And see the world like no one else

Connected and learning

Understanding your values from what you do
and what you view

Shop aligned with your values

Visual origins and lifecycles of the things you buy

Amplify your kindness

Preset gestures to make the world better in a blink (or two)

See through the eyes of other lifeforms

The Lenz can simulate the visual experiences of 10+ animals
to take you into their worlds

The most advanced lenz of 2040

All the latest tech in an invisible device

A new way to interact

Vision and blink control set your hands free

Eye care like you’ve never seen

Nutritional, virtual, and in-person

Uninterrupted immersion

A nanobot structure configurable via wi-fi means your Lenz stays in
and you stay immersed 24/7

Game card for Privacy Breach

Filter sampler

What filters do you want to see?

    The Lenz is a speculative design concept exploring how the hype of future MR might lead to both dark design patterns fostering exclusionary user behaviours and life-centred patterns fostering empathy and connection with nature.

    Please view this page on desktop, mobile version coming soon

    The Lenz
    in fiction

    the Lenz

    the Lenz