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“...vivid, smart, and a bit poetic.” Amazon review

The Lenz

“The Lenz is a thoughtful and gorgeously written gem of a book.” Amazon Reviews

“A complex work that offers an intense look at a possible future.” Kirkus Reviews

In a near future, where the metaverse helps people forget the tsunamis and rising seas, Yoshi Goto is thrust into a blur of reality with illusion when he is given a Maya Lenz—an advanced mixed reality contact lens. But something even more magical than the Lenz demands Yoshi be someone real in a world of increasing uncertainty.


“I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys gritty sci-fi and has fond memories of Blade Runner.” San Fran Book Review

“A multilayered protagonist and stellar setting help guide this sci-fi narrative to an unforgettable coda.” Kirkus Reviews

Andre Cross keeps his volatile temper on a sturdy leash—an implant auto-medicating him to subdue his violent impulses. But when he meets the intriguing and disturbing android Mo Da, he discovers the implant not only sedates his aggression, but it also subdues his ability to love. Andre's desires unravel his carefully controlled plans, delivering him to a place where even his implant may not contain his rising emotions, or the madness of Amanojaku determined to consume him.

Short stories

From the same world as Amanojaku



“His vision of the future is intriguing, yet solidly rooted in the possible.”

Amazon review

Explore the Splintered Horizon multi-media story world

Splintered Horizon consists of novels, short stories, illustrations and interactive experiences.

A Titan Technology initiative, the vertical city of Brulle was built in 2032 as a haven for world citizens wanting to transcend the limits of their natural forms. Mood implants, limb enhancements, body modification—everybody could have any body they wanted, allowing the emergence of the human-tech hybrid-races. But an ever-increasing stream of refugees threatened the hybrid's dream, and set in motion a class war that could tumble Brulle itself.





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