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Android's Orchid


Taking place half-way through the novel Amanojaku but told from another character's perspective, Android's Orchid tells the story Ki Po, a personal assistant android built to predict the consumer needs and behaviours of his human Ward, Finn. When Finn hacks Ki's operating system to protect his own privacy, he releases Ki from the Mesh, and Ki develops an addiction to emotion-based decisions. Influenced by humanity's disregard for other lifeforms, including the kidnapped android Mo Da, Ki Po is forced to decide between following his inherent directives and protecting his own kind.

Book Hunter


Set some time after the story of Amanojaku in the vertical metropolis of Brulle, Book Hunter tells the story of Zack Vella, a technology-obsessed bio-engineer working for Titan, a robotics and artificial intelligence facility. Zack is one of the first to undergo Titan's voluntary limb enhancement procedures and becomes heavily reliant on bio-blood that fuels his cyborg legs, when 'borg'-haters attack the city's infrastructure and cripple the power supply. Zack runs dangerously low on bio-blood, forcing him to hatch a desperate plan—find the books he needs to create his own bio-blood before his legs run out of power and leave him a sitting duck for the borg-haters.

Ten Past Now


Like 10 time capsules arriving from different futures, this rich collection of speculative fiction will draw you in and take you to places both familiar and exotic. From a robot-assassin's near-death experience to a self-ware android's communication with plants... and his first lie; from a homeless man's adventure down a bottomless sinkhole to humanity's second earth; follow earth's first lifeform from its first steps on dry land to eventual its foray into space, and freeze with fear at what a young boy finds under his neighbor's bed. Each tale holds a future universe unto itself—read now and discover life is a lot more interesting at Ten Past Now.

My work in other publications

Published by Fiction Writers Group, Anything Goes Vol 2 anthology includes two of my short stories, Book Hunter, and Sea of Ingenuity, a tale narrated by one of the last survivors aboard humanity's escape ship from a dying Earth.

After two years submitting to Popshot Magazine, my short story The Motherhood Effect made The Future Issue. The tale follows Ti La, a surrogate mother who has spent her whole life inside the Facility giving birth to babies for the Outsiders.