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“The Lenz is a thoughtful and gorgeously written gem of a book.”

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The Lenz

In a near future, tsunamis and rising seas force an islander tribe to take up residence by the sea wall of the Japanese coastal city of Shibido. To un-see such reminders of the world's uncertain future, Shibido's citizens have immersed themselves in the Maya Lenz—an advanced mixed reality contact lens that filters out what they don’t want to see.

Unable to afford a Lenz, unemployed actor Yoshi Goto fears becoming just as invisible as the forgotten tribe. So when metaverse corporation Maya offer him a Lenz and a role in their next mixed reality project, he’s all in.

But as flaws in his goals are exposed by a magnetic stranger named Kai, his career threatened by doppelgänger androids, and his vision haunted by a homeless boy who may or may not be real, Yoshi struggles to keep a grip on his new opportunity... and reality.

Something even more magical than the Lenz, however, and more profound than love, is demanding he rise to his most challenging role—to be someone real in a world of increasing uncertainty.

Blending the technological, spiritual and supernatural, this tale of regained hope in a fantastically imagined dystopian metaverse will touch you deeply.

How the Lenz works


The Lenz is administered via a liquid infused with nanobots which colonise the technology on the eye.

Lenz research


Research, prototypes, artwork, and speculations from the future of The Lenz.

Lenz product page


A design fiction exploring what a promotional web page migth look liek for The Lenz.

Sea Wall Mini-doco


As part of my research for The Lenz, I travelled to Ofunato in Iwate Prefecture, Japan, to speak to locals about the sea walls being built against future tsunamis. Click the image to watch this 1 minute mini-documentary.

Design award

Winner of the e-Book Cover Design Award for December 2019 in Fiction.

Also by Damien Lutz

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